Here&Now Yoga


BasicNow: Learn the fundamentals of yoga at a moderate pace. Perfect for the beginner or for the student who prefers a slower paced vinyasa class.


Core&Flow: Work your core in this strengthening vinyasa flow class.  All levels welcome.


Flow&Meditate: Candlelit vinyasa flow class, followed by meditation. Perfect for steadying the body and mind at the end of the day. All levels welcome.


Flow&Restore: Strengthening, mindful vinyasa flow followed by restorative poses. All levels welcome.


FlowNow: Here&Now’s signature yoga class. Strengthening, mindful vinyasa flow, linking breath with movement. Creative sequencing links postures together for a sweaty, mind-clearing class. Includes standing and seated poses, back bending, arm balances, inversions, and restorative poses. All levels welcome.


PowerNow: Amp up your yoga practice in this challenging, strengthening vinyasa flow class. Adventurousness encouraged, as we play with arm balances and inversions.


Prenatal Yoga: Beneficial for all stages of pregnancy to maintain physical strength while staying emotionally centered. Conditions the body and mind for labor and motherhood.


Relax&Restore: Relax, stretch, breathe, and meditate. Restore the body and clear the mind.


SlowFlow: Link breath with movement for a slow and mindful vinyasa flow. Find your center in standing, seated, and restorative poses.


Stretch&Restore: Unwind with deep and gentle stretches as well as restorative yoga poses.


StretchNow: Explore yoga poses through stretching, paying special attention to the breath.


Here&Now Body


BarreNow: Incorporates isometric strength training combined with reps of small range movements, inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Packed with intensity for a full body work out. Grippy socks recommended (available for purchase at the studio).


Barre&Flow: Barre fitness combines with yoga flow - possibly the most perfect blend of sweaty strength conditioning and breath-based fluid stretches.


SculptNow: Strengthen and lengthen muscles while reducing body fat in this body conditioning class. Utilizes weights, Pilates balls, and bands for a complete, full body work out.


TotalBody: Barre fitness meets boot camp! Strengthen, lengthen, and tone muscles with short bursts of cardio in this total body work out.

Yoga&Lates: The perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates mat, with extra focus on the core.  Utilizes balls, bands, and weights to strengthen and tone. All levels welcome.


Kids & Family Yoga


Family Yoga: Families share the love and the practice as they come together to enjoy a series of image based, strengthening poses. Improves focus and balance and stimulates creativity. $25 for 1 adult and 1 child plus $10 for each additional family member.


Parent&Baby: No need to find a babysitter! Mixed level vinyasa flow class for new parents while baby gets all of the attention she needs. Also a great way for new parents and babies to socialize. Recommended for babies age 3 weeks to 18 months.


Kids Yoga: Kids gain so many benefits of yoga - strength, confidence, balance and flexibility. In this fun class, kids practice mindful meditation and use their imaginations by mimicking animal poses, and poses found in nature.


MiddleSchool Yoga: Middle Schoolers get away from their screens to focus, strengthen, balance, stretch and breathe. Practicing mindful meditation, they learn valuable skills to reduce stress and calm the mind.


strong body. present mind.